Panda 8-Note Drum Tongue Kit, Pink – STD-002-6-PINK

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The panda drum is an instrument that belongs to the idiophone family of percussion instruments. An idiophone is an instrument that produces sound via the instrument's vibration. The panda drum is an excellent instrument for anyone wishing to get creative, jam, enjoy beautiful melodies, and relax. It can be enjoyed by anyone at nearly any age.

Panda drums are played either with your hands or with mallets/sticks. When playing with mallets or sticks, the mallets rebound off the drum easily, resulting in a clearer, deeper, more resonant sound. Perhaps the most notable difference when playing with mallets is the amplification of sound. Your panda drum will sound much louder when using mallets.

Size: 6 inches

Notes: 8

Kit includes: Panda drum, mallets, and bag

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