TC Helicon GOXLR 4-Channel USB Streaming Mixer With Voice FX and Sampler

179.000 KWD


  • The GoXLR from TC Helicon offers intuitive features and hands-on controls, making it a winning combination for live broadcasting and game streaming.[JS1] Inputs for all your audio sources — studio mic, lav, PC, and gaming console — make the GoXLR command central over your entire streaming audio setup. Onboard the GoXLR you’ll find four long-throw motorized faders with LED indicators and customizable scribble strips for identifying and leveling sound sources at a glance. Standalone FX and sampler sections, complete with hotkeys and preset switches, equip the GoXLR for top-shelf radio fare and banter. There’s even a mute switch on the GoXLR mixer to cover for coughing fits and a censor button to keep choice words left unshared. A rear USB port connects you to the free TC GoXLR app for setup and sample importing or delivers premium 24-bit/48kHz audio directly into your DAW for streaming.


  • Dedicated sampler section


  • Want to recall a funny moment from a past episode? Punch a joke with a movie clip or fanfare? It’s fast and intuitive using with the GoXLR’s dedicated sampler section. Load clips, sound effects, or samples into 12 dedicated playback pads for instant recall whenever the moment strikes. The GoXLR app makes it easy to import samples and trim them to time.


  • GoXLR Mixer provides powerful broadcast FX


  • Save and recall six vocal presets or access effects on the fly. The GoXLR gives you a host of powerful voice utility effects, including compression, EQ, and de-esser, via the free app. And with Robot and Megaphone processors and Gender and Pitch controls at your fingertips, there’s no end to the vocal tones you can generate using the GoXLR mixer.
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