Audient iD4 High Performance USB Audio Interface

59.000 KWD

  • Brand: Audient
  • Product Code: 5060374260160
  • Availability: In Stock

  • Main Features

  • 2-in / 2-out USB power supply

  • 1x Class A microphone preamp from Audient consoles

  • 1x JFET DI input for instrument

  • High Performance Converters

  • ScrollControl iD function

  • Zero Latency Monitoring with Monitor Mix and Pan functions

  • Main speaker output

  • Class AB independent headphone output (dual output)

  • Monitoring control

  • 0 connectivity for Mac and PC

  • 24bit / 96khz

  • All metal construction

  • Windows, macOS and iOS compatible

  • High-end AD-DA converters

  • The iD4 audio interface is equipped with high-end AD-DA converters. In the audio chain, the choice of interface is one of the most important elements. Indeed, the quality of the conversion is essential to be able to obtain an irreproachable sound, as it should always be. This is the philosophy followed by Audient at each stage of the design of its products.


  • ScrollControl, Control everything with a single click

  • With a simple click on the “iD” button of the iD4, the main button becomes a virtual wheel which allows you to have access to the main functionalities of your DAW (software sequencer), to the parameters of your plug-ins or all. just browse your iTunes library. And if you are not using the ScrollControl, pressing the volume button activates the DIM function, allowing the volume level to be reduced very quickly.


  • Plug and Play, Plug in, and Record

  • The iD4 is equipped with an independent class A (DI) JFET instrument input on the front panel. Designed to mimic the input stage of an amp, you can plug in your guitar, bass, keyboard, or drum machine, and start recording straight away. Choose a professional quality recording from the start and take your compositions to the next level!


  • Dual Headphone Output

  • Equipped with a dual headphone output, the iD4 allows collaboration with your friends and other artists. Whether you're recording guitar and vocals, or just listening to music together, iD4 allows two headsets to be plugged in, and becomes an ideal tool for composing with friends and capturing your ideas anytime. . The dual headphone output has a jack and mini-jack output, for those who come without their jack adapter!


  • IOS compatible

  • ID4 is compatible with iOS making recording even easier. Discover in video how to install your iD4 on an iOS device. To do this, all you need is a camera adapter kit and a powered USB hub.


  • Designed To Last

  • The iD4 features an all-metal construction with aluminum buttons. Robust and qualitative, the iD4 interface will ensure prolonged use for long hours in the studio or on the move.
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