Benro Aluminium Tripod T660EX

9.950 KWD

  • Brand: Benro
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  • Lightweight & compact, Benro T660EX Tripod is an ideal choice for photographers who are always on-the-go. It is just 1.25 Kg in weight & has safe weight load capacity of up to 3 Kg. This tripod is easily compatible with all digital compact cameras, DSLRs and many video cameras as well. It has 4-leg sections with adjustable leg angles for easy set-up. Its all-terrain feet enable you to strike a firm balance on any kind of surface. This tripod is built with aluminium alloy which makes it sturdy and durable. The 3-way pan head of this tripod allows you to make simultaneous panning & tilting movements easily while recording videos or capturing still images. The maximum operating height of this device is 1450 mm whereas its foldable height is 535 mm.


  • Benro T660EX Tripod is built with aluminium alloy. This aluminium body gives strength & sturdiness to this tripod.

  • The 4-leg sections of this tripod lend greater vibration reduction on uneven terrains. You can capture balanced images by placing your camera on this Benro tripod.

  • Benro T660EX Tripod weighs just 1.25 Kg. It is extremely lightweight & can be carried around while travelling easily. The maximum weight taking capacity of this tripod is up to 3 Kg.

  • Its maximum operating height is 1450 mm whereas its foldable height is 535 mm.

  • Equipped with a 3-way pan head, Benro T660EX Tripod enables you to take multi-angle shots through your camera with ease.

  • Benro T660 allows you to make tilting and panning movements easily using the pan handle. to capture simultaneous horizontal and vertical motions by placing the camera on the 3-way pan head.

  • Benro T660EX Tripod incorporates an easy leg locking system that allows you to adjust the height of the legs quickly.

  • This Benro tripod is compatible with almost all DSLR cameras, digital compact cameras & many video cameras.

  • Aluminium Alloy

  • 3-Way Pan Head

  • Easy Leg Locking System

  • Compatible to all cameras
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