Bestway Angry Birds Child Air Mat - 96104


  • Brand: Bestway
  • Product Code: 96104
  • Availability: In Stock

  • The Angry Birds are totally irresistible. They are cute and very lovable. Easily one of the best video game for all ages. Now give your kids something to play on their free time! Let them soak in water and bathe on sunshine with a Bestway Angry Birds themed merchandise. Don’t let your kids fall into boredom. Give your kids the enjoyment they deserve too look a lot cooler under the sun.


  • 119cm 61cm (47"x 24")

  • Contoured pillow design

  • Repair patch + Full color box

  • D, 19 mm (7.6 Ga) Vinyl

  • 12 Ea., 6.4Kg (14.2 Lb)

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