Bestway Comfort Plush Floating Mat 1.98m X 74cm - 43550

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  • Brand: Bestway
  • Product Code: 43550
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·       Bestway Comfort Plush Floating Pool Mat Lay back, relax and recharge while enjoying the plush breathable fabric that coats the Bestway Comfort Plush Floating Mat.

·       Luxurious velvety material gives the float a smooth and soft texture perfect for a day at the pool! This material is great for a warm day, since it keeps the surface of the float from getting too hot under the warm sun. Plus, when placed in water, the colors intensify for a cool and eye-catching effect. With enhanced ventilation air pockets, the water will naturally keep you cool under the warm sun. Providing even more comfort, the unique flexible design of this floating mat is extremely supportive as it molds and contours to your body shape. With an ultra-cushioning pillow, you’ll be able to relax the day away in both style and comfort!

·       A quick release 2-way valve is built into the structure to provide simple and efficient inflation and deflation. The Comfort Plush Floating Mat folds up nicely and is easy to store during the off-season. Perfect for a nice summer day, this luxurious pool float is the ultimate way to unwind on the water.

·       Size: 1.98 m x 74 cm (6 ft. 6 in. x 29 in.) Soft, velvet-like Comfort Plush surface is smooth, non-stick and keeps the material from getting too hot under the sun Material color brightens and intensifies when placed in water Air pockets provide a natural cooling effect Flexible structure contours your body for ultimate comfort and support Easy to inflate, deflate and store

·       Contents: 1 floating mat, 1 repair patch COMFORT PLUSH FLOATING MAT Luxurious and waterproof Comfort Plush velvet surface Material color brightens and intensifies when placed in water Premium construction with pillow cushion Flexible design provides contoured support Air pockets provide a natural cooling effect Contents: 1 mat, repair patch Bestway luxury lounges & floats make every pool day a mini-oasis getaway. With the convenience of easy inflation and the comfort of unique fabrics and features, pool goers can float the day away in style. Luxury lounges and floats feature add-ons such as cup holders or built-in pillows and upgraded materials designed to create a state of relaxation. Make it a pool day to remember with lounges and floats from Bestway.

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