Bestway Tritech Connect and Rest 3-in-1 Air Mattress Twin/King - 67922

24.990 KWD

  • Brand: Bestway
  • Product Code: 67922
  • Availability: In Stock

·       Wake up renewed and refreshed on the Bestway Tritech Connect and Rest 3-in-1 Air Mattress! This bed promises strength and durability all night long. Its compact size makes it quick and convenient for use whenever you need it.


·       Durable Construction:

·       With a comfortable sleeping surface and sturdy construction, a great night’s sleep is right around the corner. The internal structure of this bed is made with Tritech material offering durability and strength, while also allowing the mattress to keep the same shape no matter how many times its inflated and deflated. Specifically engineered for firmness, this material minimizes air loss throughout the night. Tritech material increases internal stretch-resistance and provides contoured support for all night comfort. This durable, stress-tested material can withstand all of the weight and movement that comes with a great night’s sleep.


·       Connect and Rest 3-in-1 Convertible Design:

·       This innovative air mattress can be used three different ways using the easy-connect buckles. It can be used separately as two Twin beds, connected together for a large King bed or stacked for a double layer Twin bed.

·       Brand: Bestway

·       Type: Air Mattress

·       Features Designed for indoor and outdoor use Bed height (Single): 25cm Bed height (Double): 51cm Tritech™ internal beams are polyester mesh encased in durable PVC which creates a durable airbed 3-in-1 airbed can be used as 2 twin airbeds, king airbed or double layer twin airbed Connected with adjustable buckles Comfortable flocked sleeping surface Interlocking quick release valve Dimensions: 188 cm x 99 cm x 25 cm Contents: 2 airbeds, repair patch

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