Dinosaur Inertia Truck Family Doctor Series - BW07810179-T

12.990 KWD

  • Brand: Baby World
  • Product Code: BW07810179-T
  • Availability: In Stock

·       Likely a die-cast or plastic toy truck with inertia (pull-back) motion, meaning you pull it back and it rolls forward on its own.

·       Might include a miniature dinosaur figure that relates to the “Family Doctor” theme.

·       This could be a veterinarian dinosaur figure or the truck itself could resemble a dinosaur.

·       May have opening doors or compartments.

·       Likely intended for young children.

·       Toy set helps children practice personal belongings management skills as well as neatness after play. The product is designed to be vivid, colorful, stimulating the visual development, stimulating the movement, ingenuity, developing thinking and imagination of the baby.

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