KING SMITH 2-in-1 WalkingPad R2 Foldable Treadmill - KINGSMITH-R2

139.990 KWD

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A futuristic technology that enables unrestricted walking and running.

Unique features:

  • Wall-absorption Storage: Switch freely among three modes
  • Smart Foot-sensing Control: Control your speed with paces
  • Double-fold features: Retractable handrail for easy folding
  • APP Intelligent Course: Exclusive private train.
  • DuerOS voice loT linkage: Free control of intelligent voice
  • Brushless motor with high output: Run freely without causing disturbance to others

Improved folding technology to maximize space:

You may modify the height of the handrail on WalkingPad R2. The WalkingPad's innovative hinge design enables it to be folded in under three seconds. With a floor area of 0.11m2, the wall-mounted and vertical storage solution is easy and space-saving.

Simple but exceptional:

The integrated aluminum alloy frame, constant black paint, and basic yet robust shape demonstrate the beauty of balanced aesthetics and a sense of strength. Portable 37 KG which means it’s easy to move, and user weight is 110 KG.

App for fitness tracking. Take command of your WalkingPad:

The KS Fit App allows you to record and track your fitness statistics, as well as operate your R2, including mode switching, start, stop, acceleration, and deceleration.

You may regulate the speed in increments using an advanced sensing algorithm:

Whether walking 6 kilometers in the morning to burn fat or 2 kilometers following a meal to promote digestion, the speed is totally dependent on your foot speed.

Passion is the result of excellent training:

The platform's comfortable, smart, and safe design, as well as the running belt, replicate the sensation of jogging on a real plastic track.

  • 610 mm: more comfortable width
  • 70 mm: more safer height
  • 1200 mm: smoother belt length

The humanized low-wide treadmill allows for greater freedom of movement:

R2 has a high safety index and allows you to walk freely due to its 610mm-wide comfortable running area and 70mm-high safe running surface.

Shock absorption, noise reduction, excellent foot feeling:

The four-layer professional racetrack construction is extremely resilient, allowing for a more comfortable landing, and each step is light and labor-saving.

Running upstairs as the rest of the family sleeps peacefully downstairs:

With a new brushless motor, the idling noise is lowered to 65 decibels. WalkingPad will not disturb your neighbors, even if it occurs late at night.

The intelligent design protects your family's safety and fitness:

  • Storage box - Phone holder
  • Handrail that can be adjusted
  • Compact remote control
  • Anti-slip vertical storage
  • Safe metal footplates
  • Speed limit for beginners
  • User-defined speed limit
  • Overload protection
  • Installation Free
  • Child lock function


  • Rated Power: 918w
  • Nominal Voltage: 220V
  • Gross/Net Weight: 36/40.5 kg
  • Maximum Load: 110 kg
  • Expansion Size: 1452 × 722 × 1032 mm
  • Folded Size: 1000 × 720 × 161.5 mm
  • Movement Mode: Running or walking mode
  • Running or walking mode: 0.5-10km /H
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