LANSINOH Feeding Bottle Starter set

9.000 KWD

  • Brand: LANSINOH
  • Product Code: 5060420232448
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Product features:

·       Clinically tested for the preservation of good natural feeding patterns

·       They stimulate the child's involvement of the organs of the oral cavity to stimulate their proper developmentThey allow the child to independently control the flow of milk

·       100% silicone nipple - elastic and soft

·       The special structure of the pacifier prevents its deformation

·       Unique design with a gradual slope allows smooth peristaltic movements of the tongue

·       Wide nipple base for easy baby grip and efficient suction

·       Air Ventilation System (AVS™) reduces air ingress, a potential cause of colic in children

·       Just a few pieces - easy to assemble and wash

·       Compatible with other Lansinoh products

The set includes:

·       1 x 160ml bottle

·       1 x 240ml bottle

·       1 x NaturalWave™ Free Flow Pacifier

·       1 x NaturalWave™ Medium Flow Pacifier

·       1 x NaturalWave™ Fast Flow Pacifier

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