LANSINOH Glass Baby Bottle with NaturalWave Medium Flow Teat - 240 ml

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  • Brand: LANSINOH
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·       Lansinoh’s glass feeding bottle for baby is designed with comfort in mind to ensure parents can grip properly when feeding their newborn. The bottle comes with a medium flow NaturalWave teat that is clinically proven to reduce nipple confusion.

·       Made from premium heat and thermal shock-resistant glass, our baby bottle is scratch resistant, durable, and sustainable.

·       Size: 240ml

·       How to Clean Lansinoh’s Glass Baby Bottle?

·       Cleaning your glass baby bottle is easy as you only need hot soapy water. It’s best to wash the bottle immediately after feeds. However, if you forget, we’d recommend cleaning it with a bottle brush to remove any leftover dried up breastmilk. Don’t forget to also sterilise the bottle to kill any germs or bacteria left behind.

·       How to Bottle Feed a Baby?

·       Although glass baby feeding bottle is designed specifically to ensure gradual and smooth feeding, it’s important to take all the necessary precautions so you’re not overfeeding your baby.

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