LANSINOH HPA Lanolin Nipple Cream - 40ml

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  • Brand: LANSINOH
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·       Lansinoh’s HPA Lanolin is designed to help soothe and protect sore, cracked n'ipples by healing them without the formation of scabs or crusts. Sore n'ipples are very common during breastfeeding and can often be a result of the uncomfortable positioning of your baby at the breast.

·       It is safe for both mum and baby, with no need to remove before breastfeeding. 100 per cent natural without any preservatives or additives, it is naturally hypoallergenic. By using this n’ipples cream, you can continue comfortably on your breastfeeding journey.

·       Brand: Lansinoh

·       Type: Feminine Hygiene & Care

·       Size: 40ml

·       Features:

·       The whiter the lanolin, the more purified it is. Lanolin Lansinoh cream goes through 3 purification processes.

·       Lansinoh Lanolin Cream has no smell or taste. It is safe for baby.

·       Lansinoh Lanolin Cream contains only one ingredient: 100% natural lanolin.

·       Lansinoh Lanolin Cream does not contain sugar. Although honey has recognized healing properties, the sugar it contains is not recommended for babies.

·       Lansinoh Lanolin Cream greatly reduces the possible sources of allergies.

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