SULTAN Oud Wooden Stand, High Quality - KOS-204

25.000 KWD

  • Brand: Sultan
  • Product Code: KOS-204
  • Availability: In Stock

·       There are many good stands on the market for stringed- and plucked-instrument, which are serving their purpose, but with our KOS-204, you are combining the prophylactic stability with dignifying magnificence. This created stand adapts itself in a wonderful way which is underlining the beauty of your instrument optically. The places, where it is in direct contact with the stand, you find a soft surface, which protects the wood against scratches or any other bad physical influences. Furnished with a hand-made belt, it saves your Oud at the upper fingerboard from falling out of the stand and suffer fractures. Concluding it is to say that a wooden Oud-Stand, built like this expensive way of construction, represents a rarity, which is giving your sound body an optical and marking reverence.

·       Brand: Sultan

·       Type: Oud Wooden Stand

·       When the oud stays in the bag, it does not get air, which will damage the instrument. You can keep your instrument on this stand and allow it to breathe.

·       Wooden

·       Portable

·       Foldable

·       The belt for securing the Oud

·       Fits for all size Ouds 

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