Ukulele Guitar Sand Shaker, Hammer Rhythm Maraca Cabasa Finger Ring, Set of 3 - F-SHAKER

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  • Product Code: F-SHAKER
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  • Ukulele Guitar Sand Shaker - Hammer Rhythm Maraca Cabasa Finger Ring


  • Very useful gadget for your play with ukulele guitar

  • Simply pop the rhythm ring onto your finger (the elastic makes sure it stays on)

  • Adds extra sparkle (a maraca-type shaker rhythm) in exactly the same timing as your strumming hand

  • It also works really well with cajon or bongo - adding a crisp rhythm to your playing.

  • Made from tough polycarbonate with composite steel balls inside, it should last well too

  • Set of 3 pieces - Mix Color

  • Model: F-SHAKER

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