XIAOMI MI Temperature and Humidity Monitor Clock

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Year-round care and support for your family's health:

Temperature and humidity are closely linked to respiratory health, allergies, skin health, and various other health conditions. Monitoring and adjusting the temperature and humidity in nurseries, bedrooms, pet rooms, offices, and other rooms in your home can help improve your comfort and protect the health of your family members and pets.

Adds beauty to your life:

Controlling and adjusting the temperature and humidity of your greenhouse, kitchen, storage room, and bathroom in a timely manner can help you better cultivate your plants, store food and other items, and inhibit bacteria growth.

Understand the comfort level at a glance with intuitive emoticons:

Why does a temperature and humidity monitor show a frown when you feel the temperature is perfect? That is because when you think the ambient temperature is perfect, you may ignore the humidity level. With visual emoticons, you can easily understand comfort levels.

Large e-ink display. Wide viewing angle:

See the display clearly from different angles. The 3.7'' (88mm x 33mm) e-ink display features ultra-low power consumption and a battery life of about a year, with just two button cell batteries. The display appears more like printed text and can be seen easily and clearly from multiple angles.

High-precision chips and sensors. Ensure the accuracy of the data displayed:

Ensure accuracy with a built-in high-precision real-time clock (RTC) chip and a selected high-precision Swiss Sensirion sensor, displaying the correct time in high-resolution and detecting every small change in temperature and humidity.

A smart temperature and humidity monitor that anticipates your needs. Temperature and humidity history records every change:

Can record the temperature and humidity trends for the past six months. You can search and add Xiaomi Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Clock in Mi Home / Xiaomi Home app to view the details in the history.

Smart adjustment of temperature and humidity:

In hot weather, the air conditioner can be turned on and off automatically by configuring a preset temperature in the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app. When the room is dry, the humidifier can be turned on and off automatically by configuring a preset humidity level in the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app.

Multi-component design enables flexible placement:

Place the Xiaomi Temperature and Humidity Monitor Clock on the table, wall, or refrigerator door. Weighing just 60g and with a thickness of 10.1mm, it can be easily placed on a table using the stand, attached to a wall or secured with the soft magnet, making it easy to use as well as visually appealing. You can freely place in on your bedside table, desk, refrigerator door, or wall.

Distinctive smooth surface for a more stylish appearance:

The smooth, rounded design of the plexiglass display offers a more stylish look.

Multiple Time Zone Clock:

When first powered on, the clock displays 00:00. Once you have connected the clock to the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app, the time displayed will be automatically synchronized with the time displayed on your smartphone.

12-hour and 24-hour time display options:

It offers both 12-hour and 24-hour time display options. These can be set at any time by connecting to the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app.

Professionally tested to ensure reliable quality:

A series of expert certification tests have been conducted to ensure comprehensive product quality.


  • Temperature measurement range: 0°C–60°C

  • Materials: ABS, PC

  • Wireless connection: Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0

  • Product dimensions: 110 mm x 55 mm x 10.1 mm

  • Battery mode: lCR2032 (x2, must be purchased separately)

  • Humidity measurement range: 0%–99% RH

  • Product net weight: 57g

  • Time display mode: 12-hour / 24-hour

  • Operating voltage: DC2.5V–3V

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